Welcome to the Literacy page. I see you've come here to learn! Well, you're in luck. Why don't you start with a little quiz, and then come back and we'll go over the questions on that very quiz!


Just copy + paste that link into the little website box you used to get here and press enter! You'll be dropped into the quiz immediately!


Okay, did you finish the quiz? I hope you did! You came here to LEARN, not skip the learning! If you DID finish the quiz, then I am proud to present you with a reward. If you DIDN'T finish the quiz, then there's nothing I can do to stop you from playing with the reward, so feel free to play it. Anyways, here's your reward:


Have fun translating the page! You can learn how to say hello in whatever language you want now:



Here you get to play all the rewards given to you after you complete a learning task. It may not encourage the learning but at least it kind of IS learning.

Google Translate:

Translate This Page


Translate This Page

This is going to become a pattern. You'll get more and more rewards the more and more you learn, though you can just play with the rewards if you want (though that would make them less rewarding!). But why would I care? All of the rewards are fun, educational little "games" for you to play, so either way, you'll be learning! That's how I do things around here. You can't fool me!

Anyways, the best way to learn is with a teacher. That's why you go to school! Because the teachers have to teach you many things that will be beneficial to you later on in your life! Now, you may not like school. And sometimes, that happens to me. Like at the end of a long break I have gotten so used to home that I'm very sad that I have to go back to school. But if you look at things in the long run, you'll feel MUCH better! The reason I'm bringing this up is because I have a handful of videos here that you should probably check out. They're really fun ways to learn!



That's forty minutes of alphabet songs for the little ones as well as some interesting facts AND really cool videos, all by really, REALLY talented Youtubers who will teach you a thing or two about life!