In the literacy page, you learn based on your age group. There are stories and videos for learning.


This age group is particularly hard to teach. But here on Storybook Hill, learning is made easy. Let's start with the alphabet.

You could also teach letters with a quick story. After all, this is Storybookhill!

    Jack had a dog. The dog's name was Socks. Socks loved baths. One day, Socks ran away. Jack was sad. But Socks came back! Jack was happy.

Okay, that might've sounded a bit crumby, but, hey, it works!


Ah, the school group. This age group gets into a little more advanced things, like math and spelling. However, we can't allow math on Storybookhill! We'll leave it to these learning sites.

These sites will cover everything! My personal favorite is Spelling City. I like the similarity in our names!

Well, I'm sure everyone else goes to school. Let's switch gears to other fun stuff on Storybookhill!